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Updated Cheat Sheet: CEO Profiles

Here’s an all-new cheat sheet on Tier 1 CEO profiles, scarcer and more valuable than ever. You might want to bookmark this page and check in now and again. Please let us know when you encounter an opp that isn’t on our list.

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Cheat Sheet: Renewables Targets

Here are 15 targets who covered renewable energy sometime in 2024. None of the names come from Renewables Now (Bulgaria), Renew Economy (Australia), Energy Live News (UK) or Solar Quarter (India).

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Cheat Sheet: Smart Cities & Urban Planning

You’ll find this cheat sheet unusual: it comprises 11 targets ranging from Tier 1 to telecom trades to government tech. The intertwined topics of smart cities and urban planning touch technology and society, but also business.

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Updated Cheat Sheet: Cybersecurity Podcasts

We offer 19 cybersecurity podcasts, the vast majority being from independent experts. We omitted podcasts produced by vendors (or tried to), and those that were obviously pay-to-play. You’ll find lots of podcasts addressing how to land a job in cybersecurity.

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Refinery29 Buys An Event Company

Another scoop from Sara Fischer at Axios: Refinery29 is “taking over” B2C event brand Beautycon, among the most successful F2F events in the beauty space. The idea is to augment the R29 brand and make the title less vulnerable to a weak advertising market.

News Corp. Is Negotiating With AI Companies

Quoted by the UK-based Press Gazette, News Corp. CEO Robert Thomson said, “Courtship is preferable to courtrooms – we are wooing not suing. But let’s be clear, in my view those who are repurposing our content without approval are stealing.”

The Gen AI titans are currently paying publishers between $1M and $5M a year to train their LLMs on publishers’ content, the Press Gazette reports.

FT Opens Up Its Content to OpenAI

While the NYT pursues its suit against OpenAI, the Financial Times has chosen to license its content to help OpenAI train current and future LLMs. The NYT seems to be on the wrong side of this issue, with the Associated Press and Axel Springer also choosing to see OpenAI as a source of income, rather than an enemy.

Here’s the opposing view, from Press Gazette’s Dominic Young, who advises publishers to play a game of chicken with OpenAI and its LLM competitors.


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