SWMS Mission

Founded in 1998, Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey (SWMS) produces research and analysis that helps tech PR pros pitch more effectively.

SWMS interviews business and technology editors and publishes their advice and commentary. We also analyze published work and deliver insights that help tech PR pros land coverage today and build relationships for the long run.

Our content is available 24/7 on the SWMS web site for paid-subscribers only. It comprises:

Research — cheat sheets with reporter names, contact info and links to recent work

Interviews — with journalists and other influencers in the world of earned media

Strategies — fresh approaches to achieve pitch success, including new and “side door” pitch opps

Subscribers also receive email newsletters and a quarterly “SWMS in Review” document optimized for mobile devices.

SWMS Valet Consulting

As part of their SWMS subscription, subscribers can schedule confidential discussions with Sam Whitmore to brainstorm solutions for any tech PR challenge, through

— email requests

— informal discussions (1-to-1 or “1-to-team” on phone or Zoom)

— formal presentations (to multiple teams or organization-wide)

SWMS valet consulting is currently included in all subscriptions at no additional cost.


SWMS Policies

Below are policies that govern how we manage our content and data.

Content Sharing

All SWMS web and email content is copyrighted and intended only for paid subscribers. Distribution of all web-based SWMS content is strictly prohibited. We permit paid subscribers to forward SWMS emailers to other organizations, but subscribers must not share their password in doing so.

Cheat Sheets

In cases where a subscriber uses our valet consulting service to request a list of targets, SWMS reserves the right to publish that list to all subscribers as a cheat sheet. When research is completed, SWMS first emails the list to the subscriber who requested it; a “head start” is deserved and fair. Shortly thereafter, the list may appear on the site for all subscribers to use.


Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, LLC (SWMS) gathers only the information described below, and does not share it with any other individual or organization.

Using cookies, SWMS…

— enables users to save their log-in credentials when they log into our site

— uses Google Analytics to track data relating to how subscribers interact with our web site. Google Analytics generates no personally identifiable information

We add no other cookies or other tracking technologies to our site, and monitor no browsing behavior at a user level.


SWMS collects email addresses provided by subscribers and enters them into a password-protected MailChimp account. These addresses allow us to send newsletters to our subscribers. We do not share these email addresses with any other individual or organization.

MailChimp technology enables us to track which subscribers open our email newsletters and which URLs they click. SWMS keeps this data confidential.

Get In Touch

Correspond with SWMS by mail…

Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, LLC

189 Water St.

Eastport, ME 04631

… by phone at (207) 491-7947 or by email at sam at mediasurvey dot com