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Two Questions: Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

SWMS contributor Rhiannon Pacheco writes: We connected with Bloomberg consumer tech reporter Mark Gurman to explore what it would take for him to cover a less well-established company than Apple, and why he’s excited to explore (and cover) the technology that will follow the smartphone.

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Tech Edit Spotlight: Bloomberg Quicktake

Bloomberg Quicktake might not change the lives of tech PR pros but it surely has changed Bloomberg. Launched in November, Quicktake is in that newborn stage, getting budget that otherwise might have gone to newsroom key clickers or to Bloomberg Television. Management is betting big on this OTT network to succeed.

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Bloomberg Unveils ‘Bloomberg CityLab’

Bloomberg today launched Bloomberg CityLab, the editorial property it acquired last December from The Atlantic. Its mission is to bring readers “reporting, maps and data about local stories that make a global impact.” All Bloomberg CityLab content will be free to read through the rest of 2020.

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Benioff Masters Bloomberg

Attention media trainers: you’ll never see an executive “master the message” like Salesforce founder Marc Benioff did last week, live on the air, with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang and CNBC’s Jim Cramer. Marc was promoting the launch of, software designed to help employers manage health and logistics details as employees slowly come back to work.

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Nico Grant’s Atlassian Story, Deconstructed

Just when you think that AWS and Azure have all but monopolized Tier 1 enterprise tech edit, Bloomberg’s Nico Grant publishes 318 words on a new pricing structure from Atlassian. Study the edit approach in Nico’s Sept. 5 — it’s a strong news piece and also what PR success looks like.

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Profile: Mark Gurman, Bloomberg

Will there ever be another Walt Mossberg? The now retired consumer tech product reviewer was one of a kind. But someone, someday, is bound to emerge as the voice above all others. Don’t be surprised if it’s Bloomberg technology reporter Mark Gurman.

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The Economist Asks, ‘How Much Would You Pay?’

A survey fielded Nov. 27 asked how much (or how little) subscribers would pay for The Economist’s subscriber-only podcasts and newsletters, as well as its digital edition and a digital-print bundle. The survey strategy is brilliant: what if the publication charges too much, or worse, too little? Clearly, the publication is contemplating pricing changes and wants to maximize revenue.

A New Investment Firm Invests, Then Writes About It

The FT has a cool scoop about Hunterbrook, a new kind of investment firm. Guided in part by former WSJ EIC Matt Murray, Hunterbrook’s business model is part investment firm, part publisher. The investment side of the house drives a (theoretically) market-moving business deal, while the publishing side of the house — comprised of veteran business reporters and analysts — works alongside under NDA. At the very moment the deal is announced, the editorial side publishes the article, moving the market and giving Hunterbrook first-mover advantage. It’s all legal. though leaks could pose a moral hazard.


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