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Masthead Spot-Check: The Information

Here’s a look at who’s who at The Information, the publication many like to read and few want to pitch. The Information is now insist 11th year, a clear success in an industry that hasn’t seen much of it lately.

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Cheat Sheet: CEO Profile Update

The prospects for placing CEO profiles are promising these days. The following is an update to our Sept. 2022 cheat sheet on who’s delivering CEO profiles and the best strategies for obtaining them.

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Cheat Sheet: App Reporters

Nothing is more frustrating than landing coverage for a new app — or worse, the new version of an old app. Apps themselves are old technology — Apple introduced the iPhone almost 17 years ago.

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Cheat Sheet: Web3 Targets

Maybe it’s that Bitcoin made it past the $40K threshold, but for whatever reason, the suite of technologies collectively known as Web3 is making a comeback.

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SWMS Diagram: The Tier 1 Edit Process

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that when you’re pitching Tier 1 reporters, you are pitching their bosses at the same time. That’s why it’s helpful to understand the entire editorial process in the publications you’re pitching — not just the persuasion part.

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Cheat Sheet: Tier 1 F2F Event Contacts

Events grew like crazy last year, and 2024 promises to be the same. So it’s time we offer a cheat sheet on whom to approach and pitch in selected Tier 1 event operations. Unlike reporters, event influencers have no content to review.

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Cheat Sheet: EdTech Podcasts

We were pleased to find ten podcasts dedicated to edtech. All ten seem to be interview-based, rather than a rundown of recent events, like many other tech podcasts. This bodes well for pitching.

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Cheat Sheet: IoT Targets

When indie IoT journalist Stacey Higginbotham ceased publishing Stacey On IoT in August 2023, PR pros mourned. Technical and personable, Stacey was in a class by herself. Still, we have found 17 targets worth pitching.

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Bloomberg Businessweek Goes Monthly

Now a misnomer, the Businessweek name will stick around for a while longer. Bloomberg is investing big in paper stock and photography. It’ll be a coffee table magazine, showcasing all that Bloomberg does. Now we know why Brad Stone took this new assignment. The first refurbed issue arrives in July.

Semafor Goes AI Crazy

Fourteen of 19 tech stories in the Semafor technology section are about AI. Two of the five outliers were about TikTok’s potential sale. Semafor sells itself on being differentiated. Chasing AI-news-of-the-day won’t achieve that.

Refinery29 Buys An Event Company

Another scoop from Sara Fischer at Axios: Refinery29 is “taking over” B2C event brand Beautycon, among the most successful F2F events in the beauty space. The idea is to augment the R29 brand and make the title less vulnerable to a weak advertising market.


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