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More Narrative Formula Examples

Perhaps you saw our Nov. 30 analysis of narrative story formulas that continually appear in Tier 1. The idea would be for PR pros to contour their story pitches to fit one of these formulas, since publications are writing these kinds of stories anyway.

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A New Paid Opp at Enterprise Times

UK-based Enterprise Times has an interesting proposition this year for B2B agency folks: instead of pitching weak news and hoping for the best, why not pay for prominent publication at an affordable rate?

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Three Challenges for Fortune In 2024

We’ve probably overcovered Fortune this year relative to other publications, but only because the 94-year-old publication outperformed everyone else in the industry. That was then. Fortune may struggle in ’24 to replicate 2023’s success. Here’s why.

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Deep Dive: Eight Narrative Formulas That Still Work

Ten years ago last month, we published a list of narrative story formulas that often showed up in Tier 1 publications. Our research back then determined that a small number of edit formulas provided structure for a large number of pitchable, high share-of-voice feature stories.

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Sherwood.News Is Out

Joshua Topolsky‘s edit project for Robinhood is optimized for mobile but you can peruse it here. The design seems crazy. Context from Axios’s Sara Fischer here.


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