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Odds & Ends & Media Moves

Tweeted TechCrunch’s Mary Ann Azevedo on Mar. 8: “For those who wonder why TechCrunch reporters aren’t responding to your email…we are absolutely inundated with pitches. Even I did not realize the insane volume until I started working here”… Responded Fortune’s Kylie Robison: “I get probably about 100-150 emails a day if I had to guess, and 98% of them have nothing to do with what I write about…” What is the solution? “Coming up with an informative, eye-catching subject line boosts chances,” Mary Ann says… Laid off by Adweek, Tiffany Moustakas has landed a news editor at LinkedIn… Formerly of CNN, Rachel Metz started this week at Bloomberg… Isabella Simonetti started this week at WSJ, covering the streaming and TV businesses… Careers reporter Shana Gaynor left Insider, no destination yet…. Pharma reporter Andrew Dunn left Insider too, again no destination. Jason Sanchez joined Insider as director of video… Dan McCarthy left Morning Brew to edit at Canary Media, specialists in cleantech… Ashley Gold and Maria Cristina Curi will co-edit a forthcoming tech policy newsletter from Axios… ICYMI: Fortune’s Jessica Mathews Tweeted: “If a PR person intentionally lies to me because they think it will help reshape or shut down a story I’m working on, I will always find out, and I won’t ever forget it.”


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