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Odds & Ends

Edit vet Damon Beres now is a senior editor covering tech for The Atlantic. Quickest to congratulate him on Twitter: Danielle Sacks, Mat Honan, Farhad Manjoo, Issie Lapowsky, Matt Weinberger, Marty Swant and PR pro Matthew BurrowsShoshana Wodinsky left Gizmodo to cover privacy, platforms and tech policy for Marketwatch… Formerly a reporter at Grow, Sofia Pitt now reviews consumer tech for CNBC, just in time for gift guide season… Dan Lyons is writing content for DocuSign… Another Forbes alumnus, Tomas Kellner, is now “Director, Owned Storytelling” for Amazon… Cybersecurity journalist Lou Covey is now also an analyst for The Motley Fool… Ars Technica’s new AI reporter is Benj EdwardsAlex Ossola joined WSJ to produce its “Future of Everything” podcast… TechTarget is hiring news writers for networking, mobile computing and storage… Morning Brew now employs more than 300, up fivefold since 2020.


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