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Cheat Sheet: Workplace Podcasts

We came up with a half-dozen podcasts that focus on workplace issues. Contact info included. Most are backwaters. Check out the Adam Grant one; he is affiliated with TED.

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Cheat Sheet: Workplace Reporters

Here’s a cheat sheet with 15 targets who cover workplace issues, ranging from real estate to DEI. Watch for our companion cheat sheet on newsletters and podcasts that cover this trend.

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Bloomberg Businessweek Goes Monthly

Now a misnomer, the Businessweek name will stick around for a while longer. Bloomberg is investing big in paper stock and photography. It’ll be a coffee table magazine, showcasing all that Bloomberg does. Now we know why Brad Stone took this new assignment. The first refurbed issue arrives in July.

Semafor Goes AI Crazy

Fourteen of 19 tech stories in the Semafor technology section are about AI. Two of the five outliers were about TikTok’s potential sale. Semafor sells itself on being differentiated. Chasing AI-news-of-the-day won’t achieve that.

Refinery29 Buys An Event Company

Another scoop from Sara Fischer at Axios: Refinery29 is “taking over” B2C event brand Beautycon, among the most successful F2F events in the beauty space. The idea is to augment the R29 brand and make the title less vulnerable to a weak advertising market.


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