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Sam Whitmore’s Media Survey, LLC (SWMS) gathers only the information described below, and does not share it with any other individual or organization.

Our Cookie Policy

Using cookies, SWMS…

— enables users to save their log-in credentials when they log into our site

— uses Google Analytics to track data relating to how subscribers interact with our web site. Google Analytics generates no personally identifiable information

We add no other cookies or other tracking technologies to our site, and monitor no browsing behavior at a user level.

Our Privacy Policy

SWMS collects email addresses provided by subscribers and enters them into a password-protected MailChimp account. These addresses allow us to send newsletters to our subscribers. We do not share these email addresses with any other individual or organization.

MailChimp technology enables us to track which subscribers open our email newsletters and which URLs they click. SWMS keeps this data confidential.

Questions and Comments

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