Christy A. Whitmore, 1962-2024

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Alex Wilhelm Bets On Substack

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SWMS Dossier: Jane Thier, Fortune

At 27, she is one of the important Tier 1 journalists in the business. Important certainly to SWMS readers, because no one writes more CEO

Dossier: Ken Yeung, VentureBeat

Ken Yeung has returned to VentureBeat to cover AI as a contributing writer and editor. Tech PR veterans may remember Ken as a VB staff



SWMS Service Resumes Today

SWMS service resumes today. Thank you for your patience. On Jun. 20, six days after losing Christy, I tested positive for COVID-19 and remained positive for nine days. This flattened me

Analysis: Bloomberg and WSJ Brace For AI

Two of the world's most powerful business publishers are out to refine themselves as the impact of generative AI approaches.

How To Crack Tier 1 With ‘Can They Do It?’

It's been true for years: Tier 1 loves to craft "can they do it?" stories. Some PR pros avoid pitching "can they do it" stories because "what if they can't?" Why

Cheat Sheet: ‘Back-to-School’ Reviewers

f you represent a tech product that fits in a “back to school” category, you had better get those pitches together — the coverage is already appearing. This cheat sheet

Cheat Sheet: Forbes Contributors

At long last, here's the SWMS cheat sheet on Forbes contributors. Listed are 66 contributors whose work appeared at least once between Apr. 26 and Jun. 5 in either the

Cheat Sheet Lite: ‘Women In Tech’ Awards

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Gen AI: The Big Fizzle?

Goldman Sachs took 32 pages to say pretty much that. The media business may turn out to be an outlier, an industry perfectly suited to synthetic, multilingual words, sounds and images at scale. As for everyone else, well, the global consultancies will learn the truth first because they have rushed to monetize Gen AI — they aren’t yet succeeding.

Bloomberg Businessweek Goes Monthly

Now a misnomer, the Businessweek name will stick around for a while longer. Bloomberg is investing big in paper stock and photography. It’ll be a coffee table magazine, showcasing all that Bloomberg does. Now we know why Brad Stone took this new assignment. The first refurbed issue arrives in July.

Semafor Goes AI Crazy

Fourteen of 19 tech stories in the Semafor technology section are about AI. Two of the five outliers were about TikTok’s potential sale. Semafor sells itself on being differentiated. Chasing AI-news-of-the-day won’t achieve that.