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>> August 31, 2023

Don’t Lie

Tweets Amir Efrati, executive editor of The Information: “You’d think PR professionals would know that ~not commenting~ is 1,000x better than lying to a reporter

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Predictions 2024

Tomorrow is September, and we predict that subscribers will begin asking about the gatekeepers for “Predictions 2024” content. We’re already on it. Look for a

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Walter Thompson’s Observations from TechCrunch Disrupt

From today’s TC+ Newsletter: “No one I met said they were looking for ‘thought leadership’ or scorching hot takes,” wrote TC’s contributed content gatekeeper. “Almost everyone wanted actionable advice that would help them fundraise, build and scale.”

Good guidance indeed.

We Are Devo

Somewhere along the line, Cambridge, Mass.-based Devo Technology rebranded as Devo. Warner Music Group apparently has no objection.


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