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>> December 28, 2022

TikTok Spied on Forbes Reporters

TikTok spied on Katharine Schwab, Emily Baker-White and Richard Nieva. Makes you wonder whether publications should invest in TikTok video channels, the way The Economist and

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GPT-4 Due Soon

ChatGPT will look like “a boring toy” when language model GPT-4 arrives in 2023, says OpenAI co-founder and CEO Sam Altman. This article is well

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For Years, Forbes Ran A Shadow Web Site That Tricked Advertisers

What a terrific scoop from the WSJ’s Patience Haggin: Forbes for years operated a shadow, tiny-traffic web site — at — that housed advertising bought to run on the big-traffic site. Advertisers paid for the real site but were placed on the spammy shadow site. After WSJ broke the story, Forbes took the shadow site offline. One quote from the story: “Imagine if a car dealership slapped a Lexus sticker on an economy Toyota and sold it to you as a Lexus.”

Publishers Using Gen AI To Improve Their Own Search

Digiday’s Sara Guaglione has a great scoop on how several publishers — including the FT, Forbes, Business Insider, The Guardian and others — are using gen AI tools to improve their own search engines. One publisher told Sara that site search historically is “not a widely-used function.”


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