Dossier: Ken Yeung, VentureBeat

Ken Yeung has returned to VentureBeat to cover AI as a contributing writer and editor. Tech PR veterans may remember Ken as a VB staff

SWMS Q & A: Jared Council, Journalist

Jared Council is one of a kind. Yes, he covered AI for the WSJ, which is sort of a conventional thing for a good reporter

Dossier: Dylan Sloan, Fortune

Fortune editorial fellow Dylan Sloan will turn 24 in May. If you happened to visit Freeport a year or two back, you might have run

Cheat Sheet: AI Awards Lists

Here's a cheat sheet on AI awards. It's a mix of emerging companies, cool tools and extraordinary individuals that set examples for everyone else.



FT Expands Coverage of Tech and VC

For most tech PR pros, the Financial Times isn't top-of-mind. That may change. Last month the FT expanded its San Francisco-based bureau to "deepen its coverage of technology companies, venture capital

Deep Dive Part 1: When Gen AI Writes The Pitch

Just for fun, try creating the story pitch after the story is written. We did that this week, using generative AI. We pasted an already-published story into each of three GenAI

Deep Dive Part 2: Your New Job? VP of Pitch Analytics

It's 2026. You've got a new job, earning $250K a year as "VP, Pitch Analytics." You've got a modest budget to retain freelance tech reporters. You manage an intern.

Here’s Who Has The Most Loyal Readers In Tier 1

Why would tech PR pros care which tier 1 titles have the most loyal readers? Why does loyalty — or the lack thereof — matter? Pitching requires deep knowledge of

Updated Cheat Sheet: Identity & Access Management

Our previous IAM cheat sheet was less than a year old but needed a good scrub. Fewer reporters cover IAM these days. We did find 11, whose names are below.

Updated Cheat Sheet: Reporters Who Cover Cybersecurity Surveys

Here's a cheat sheet comprising 11 reporters who recently covered a cybersecurity survey as news. We carried over three targets from our Sept. 2022 cheat sheet; all other names are



Sherwood.News Is Out

Joshua Topolsky‘s edit project for Robinhood is optimized for mobile but you can peruse it here. The design seems crazy. Context from Axios’s Sara Fischer here.