SWMS Dossier: James Rundle, WSJ Pro Cybersecurity Vertical

You may know James Rundle as the bass player in the NY-based punk rock band called Something Bitter. James is best known as a reporter

SWMS Dossier: Natasha Mascarenhas, The Information

Venture capital reporter Natasha Mascarenhas loves to share, and people care. Perhaps you are among her 46,000 followers on Twitter. Few can post a Tweet

SWMS Q&A: Victor Dey, Tech Editor, VentureBeat

Victor Dey is a data scientist who discovered tech journalism. Often it's the other way around. In any case, VentureBeat gets the win: Victor writes

Isabelle Bousquette: Fearless Storyteller, Tireless Reporter

More often than not, studying a reporter's copy reveals much about the man or woman who wrote it. That's just not the case with WSJ



Cheat Sheet: Project Management Targets

As a product category, project management software has lasted 40 years or more. PM was never marginalized/subsumed by office suites, or forsaken by IT buyers.

Cheat Sheet: Cybersecurity Podcasts

We offer 19 cybersecurity podcasts, the vast majority being from independent experts. We omitted podcasts produced by vendors (or tried to), and those that were obviously pay-to-play. You'll find lots

Cheat Sheet: Quantum Security Targets

In this short and sweet cheat sheet, we've got eight targets focused at least in part on quantum security. This is still a nascent field, though the "quantum" term has



Much of Gen Z Searches on Social, Not Google

Says Digiday today: 40 percent of Gen Z uses TikTok or Instagram when searching for lunch recommendations. The younger you go, the tighter the grip held by platforms. Musk’s calculation that few will ever leave X might not be too far off in the long run.