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SWMS Alert: Cisco's "The Network"

Check out Cisco’s newly launched content site, “The Network.” If you've got a seven-figure budget, this is how it's done. The site showcases how much engagement a given item has generated. Readers can easily share content on Twitter and Facebook and embed a widget into their web site. Among the site's many freelance contributors are names you know: Bill Bulkeley. Betsy Corcoran. Marc Gunther. Steve Wildstrom. Herding these cats is former editor Wendy Tanaka. Cisco even has three IT pros dedicated to the site's infrastructure.

With all this, what does success look like?

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SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Harry McCracken, Technologizer

Embarking on his third year at the helm of Technologizer, Harry McCracken will take us behind the scenes at one of the industry's most successful tech blogs. As successful as he is, Harry remains approachable, but his success raises the bar for tech PR pros. Here are the latest keys to pitching paydirt.

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SWMS Targets - Jason Brooks, site manager, eWeek Labs

 eWeek at long last has launched "eWeek Labs," a community web site that lets users, vendors and PR pros submit content for publication. Any "enterprise" product is fair game -- but what exactly is an enterprise product these days? Could be about anything, right? Join us Mar. 30 as Ziff Davis Enterprise's Debra Donston and Jason Brooks describe how it all works and how PR pros can get visibility for their clients.  


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