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Dan Tynan, freelancer

Dan Tynan, Freelancer
June 2008 
Dan Tynan is a veteran contributor to PC World and InfoWorld. His work has appeared in more than 50 publications, including Newsweek, Family Circle, Wired, Cargo and Playboy.com. He has appeared on CNN, CBS, NPR, Discovery, and Fox News, as well as dozens of regional TV and radio programs. Dan is the perfect person to describe the life of a successful professional tech freelancer, and the unique needs he has for PR input and service. He's also quite a character with a keen sense of humor, so laugh and learn with us next week at our usual time.  
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Video is Hot!

Video is hot. It's cheaper than ever to produce, and fresh distribution channels are emerging. On the consumer tech front, CNET Networks yesterday announced CNET TV, a video-on-demand (VOD) package of instructional content, news and reviews to be available in June through Cox Communications, TVN Entertainment and TiVo, and on the web later this summer. The videos will run 15 minutes and will feature CNET editors and reviewers on camera. ClickZ filed this article yesterday.

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