Jim Aley on Fortune

The afternoon sun pours through the south-facing window of Fortune assistant managing editor Jim Aley, and not even a jumbo floor fan can keep him from feeling the heat. Perhaps it's fitting: Aley's job is to publish fresh, compelling tech stories twice a month in a world where hundreds of competitors blog and Tweet around the clock. Can PR pros help him?


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Jeffrey O'Brien, Fortune

Jeffrey O'Brien, senior editor
Fortune Magazine
February 2007


"Not a 20-minute conversation with founders, but a commitment." Ideally, he "wanted to get them out of the office." What he got was two full days "just talking about Zillow and real estate entrepreneurs etc.," with a trip to a Seahawks game, family, dinner and drinks included. The corporate PR director "was great … accessible and bright … a sounding board…" and not just for Zillow, but for the real estate market in general.

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Stephanie Mehta, Fortune

Stephanie Mehta, senior writer
Fortune Magazine 
January 2007

Where tech and media intersect… "what I consider my sweet spot," she says. For years Stephanie has "written a lot about companies as corporate institutions" but now finds it "interesting how traditional telecommunications companies have become distribution platforms for media and content," previously the domain of cable and satellite operators, "and now cable and satellite are moving into where telecom used to dominate."

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