SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Stephanie Mehta, technology editor, Fortune

Stephanie Mehta, technology editor
July 2009
Once a Fortune reporter and now its tech news boss, Stephanie Mehta brings terrific balance to her post. Stephanie spent 2006 and 2007 as Fortune's international editor, immersing herself in the global perspective. Now she concentrates on the U.S. tech scene and manages reporters, bloggers and Fortune's fast-growing video operations. You’ll find Stephanie incredibly candid, clear and refreshing in the following interview. She really does want to help.

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TechWeb Prepares Interop TV

TechWeb will stage live TV programming from Interop next week in Las Vegas. After Tuesday's and Wednesday's keynote, "Interop TV" will broadcast from approximately 10a until the show floor closes. It will operate on Thursday as well, though not as late into the day.

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IDG Merges CXO Media with Network World

IDG has combined CXO Media and Network World into a single organization called CXO Media Network World. Michael Friedenberg is CEO and president of the new group; Network World's John Gallant is executive VP and GM. The new organization, in part, is modeled after IDG's PCW Communications, which houses PC World and MacWorld under one corporate roof.

No layoffs have resulted, though IDG seeks to develop "shared services" that may produce a few down the line.

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