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New Paid Content from Jason Calacanis, Hilary Mason

We've spotted two new paid content operations, one affordable, one not. The LAUNCH Ticker is Jason Calacanis's twice-daily round-up (in email and in-app) of all the tech news that matters (to him), with a bias toward VC/start-up news. On the other end of your budget, only $35,000 will get you an annual subscription to Hilary Mason's research content at Fast Forward Labs.

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SWMSTweet: Data journalism is on the horizon: notes from O'Reilly's Strata Summit.

Prepare now: data journalism and "the new short form" isn't far away. Our report from days 1 and 2 from the O'Reilly's Strata Summit.

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SWMS Targets: Ben Worthen, The Wall Street Journal

It may not seem that way at first, but read closely and you’ll see that Ben Worthen offered earnest, heartfelt and even useful PR advice.

Ben works in a shop that sells context and early warning. He can’t sell his editors many of the stories he’s already willing to write, let alone the ones you want to pitch him.

Notice what he says about the consolidation and reshaping of the tech industry. That’s what fascinates him.

We suggested to Ben that a big trend was social media functionality showing up in enterprise software. He called that a “one-note” story idea best for the Marketplace section.

Think big with this guy. And think long-term. Oh, and if you find a good lunch spot, let him know about it.


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