SWMSTweet: Vine, YouTube, a New WSJ F2F Event and Much More

The second most popular search engine isn't Bing. It's YouTube, and there's a lot of new activity surrounding YouTube these days.

In partnership with two other agencies, Digitas's Emerging Talent Tracker predicts YouTube's future video stars.

Incumbent digital agencies like Digitas are at heart software companies, and will counterattack PR agencies seeking digital mkting budgets,

Want to watch YouTube videos on your mobile device when you're offline? Like in a plane? YouTube soon will let you

Not to be outdone, Amazon yesterday announced offline viewing for some of their instant videos 

Speaking of video, have you been following Contently's new video podcast? This week's topic: long-form storytelling

It's not there quite yet, but we're sure Contently will expand from words-only into audio and video content generation in 2014.

PR agencies might be wise to use Contently talent to augment their own capabilities.

Perhaps far afield, but here's a Zocalo Group slide deck on how Instagram and Vine are being used by food brands. 

If your agency covets consumer accounts and doesn't have someone facile with Vine and Instagram, better groom one fast.

One reason is, Vine and Instagram are great ways to let customers and brand fans tell the client's story

Using video, McDonald's and Estee Lauder let customers tell the world about how they interact with the brands 

It doesn't have to be fancy-ass video. Smartphones are plenty good enough. Tools to watch: Instagram, Vine, and Mixbit to build vid mashups.

One last thing on video: If you want to leave YouTube comments in the future, you'll need to use Google + to do so 

Just a bit more on Vine, which has "arrived." Millennial video site NowThisNews has hired its first "Vine VJ" 

Expect 6 sec. news stories as well as Vine compilations, says VJ Cody Johns 

Here is airbnb's first TV ad crowdsourced from Vine. Kinda long at 4:29 but amazing storytelling technique. 

And here's a clear, useful infog primer on Vine. Five Tweets per second contain a Vine link... wow. 

Then there's Muck Rack's Vine Journalism Awards. The deadline to nominate journalists for their use of Vine is today 

The awards event is Oct. 3. Judges are Jeanne Brooks (ONA), Bob Garfield (NPR) and Rachel Sklar (Mediaite). 


It seems publishers of all stripes are trying to rid themselves of trolls and spam comments. You heard PopSci ditched comments altogether.

Why now? It's because advertisers now value engagement and time on site even more than pageviews.

From Econsultancy, a table of critical web metrics. Atop list: uniques, PVs/visitor, PVs, time on site, soc. shares 

Watch this video from Quartz...you can leave comments directly across from paragraphs -- not at the article's bottom 

In our travels, we notice that PR agencies never consider contributing to comments in order to get the client's message across. Why?

Perhaps PR agencies are afraid to start a conversation they can't control. Done properly, comments add huge value. SWMS will examine soon.


A subscriber yesterday asked us about Walt/Kara/AllThingsD. We're all in wait-and-see mode, but it's clear News Corp is applying war paint.

Tom Foremski did a great job reading the tea leaves... make sure you read his analysis if you haven't already 

In addition to Tom Foremski's take on Walt/Kara, this analysis from The Wrap was good too 

Hello early risers! Did you catch this? Becky Blumenstein will run an international F2F tech event for WSJ.

A former WSJ Beijing bureau chief and most recently Page 1 editor of the US edition, Becky Blumenstein is a great choice to run a F2F event.

WSJ ME Gerry Baker also confirmed speculation that he'll be doing lots of tech edit hiring.

"The new team will comprise at least 20 reviewers, bloggers, visual journalists, editors, and reporters covering digital."

"In the next few months we will be advertising and hiring for these new positions," Baker said.

"Their efforts will be augmented by the existing large technology team we have already created..."

...and to which we have added in the last few months under the leadership of Jonathan Krim, our Technology Editor."

That is what's still unclear to us. Sounds like Baker wants to create "a separate brand" but keep it under the aegis of the WSJ proper.

That would depart from AllThingsD structure, which could pretty much operate as it pleased. For Walt/Kara, the WSJ is now an enemy. Wow.

Here's the full email from Gerry Baker, as scooped by Chris Roush at Talking Biz News. 


Haven't seen too much written about Jeremiah Owyang's departure from Altimeter to start a crowdsourcing venture: CrowdCompanies.com

Here's Jeremiah's explanation... and Charlene Li's rather brief reaction post 

Jeremiah has always climbed up as high as he can go and spot the most fertile Internet trends he could. To him, these days it's "the crowd."

Crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, crowd businesses from airbnb and uber to all the rest. These are VENDOR-side opportunities. Vendors have $$$$$.

In our POV, Altimeter has spent huge time and money trying to change the behavior of END-USER companies, coaxing them to "social business."

Ask Charlene Li how many hours a month she spends on airplanes, en route to C-title execs willing to talk innovation and corporate culture.

We've noticed social business gurus such as Dion Hinchcliffe and John Bell publicly ruminating about change management and culture.

It's proving damn hard to get corporations to change their behavior just because times are changing. Pioneers change, but few others do.

That's why, we bet, that Jeremiah bagged Altimeter. Yeah, he's still on the Altimeter board. Vendors have the dough and the willingness...

... to embrace change and hoist the sails to turn that change into dollars and cents. Jeremiah is done preaching to the diffident.

His web site is crowdcompanies.com. Not much there yet, but you can sign up for communiques once he's ready.


We've written about LinkedIn's special reports quite a bit... another one launched this week 

They're starting to get a bit predictable... Jack Welch, Branson, Sallie Krawcheck... the usual suspects. Keep innovating, Dan Roth.


From The Daily Egg... The Top 6 Apps for designers -- great conversation starter for design-minded journalists. 

Design continues to intrigue editors... and remember the Bloomberg BBW event Jan. 14 in San Francisco 


We've met quite a few SWMS subscribers in recent days. Top of mind with them: contributed content, content marketing and consumer media.

One subscriber remarked that he has to "dumb down" pitches to consumer mags. Some editors don't want to know why something works better...

Consumer editors only want to know what it does and why it's cool. No competitive positioning required -- unlike business or b-to-b media.


Dachis Group publishes a daily list of Top Ten Trends to Tweet about -- subscribe here 

Cool concept: a Ketchum media strategist offers 60 seconds of advice, in video, on how to engage a journalist 

Katie Paine shared this infog on measurement. "Mgt wants to know, what was intentional and what was lucky?" 

Here are some one-offs, from the usefulness department. SWMS subscriber Mike Lizun offers 24 tools for a PR pro