Steve Gillmor, TechCrunchIT

Steve Gillmor, editor
August 2008
You've heard him on the Gillmor Gang weekly podcast, and you've read his work over the years in Ziff Davis, IDG and CMP publications. Now Steve Gillmor is back, as editor of TechCrunch IT, a version of the well-known site finely tuned for the enterprise reader.
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Stacey Higginbotham, Gigaom

Most people think to pitch Om Malik when seeking coverage in GigaOm.
Well, take a close look, and you'll see that the most prolific GigaOm writer of all is reporter Stacey Higginbotham, who has agreed to spend 30 minutes of her valuable time schooling PR pros on the "new GigaOm," its priorities and how best to secure coverage. Take a look at Stacey's own coverage and you'll see that she writes about vendors big and small, in hard-news and trend-analysis formats. But she's always all about the modern network, providing ubiquitous, high-bandwidth communication everywhere. She's as hungry to envision the future as you are.
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Natali Del Conte, CNET/CBS

Natali Del Conte, Senior Editor
CNET TV / CBS The Early Show
July 2008
Natali del Conte hit the big time this spring when CBS bought CNET Networks. A regular  contributor to the CBS Early Show and guest commentator on Fox News, CNBC and many other TV outlets. Her showcase work is her daily videocast -- called Loaded -- for CNET TV. Natali is every bit a journalist and drives her own decision-making about what airs. Listen in to an influencer who, even with all her accomplishments, is only now just getting started.
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Ask on LinkedIn

* When was the last time you checked out LinkedIn's "Answers" page? Yesterday we noticed that IDG executive VP Colin Crawford was asking members to point him to web sites optimized for Apple's iPhone. Crawford may have had several reasons for posting his inquiry. In any case, for those who wear a bizdev hat, a well-phrased query on LinkedIn can make due diligence a bit easier.

Reporters seem to like it LinkedIn's Answers page, too. Blogger Sramana Mitra used it this month to get fresh outsourcing ideas for a column she was planning. Freelance writer David Strom got 23 responses to a LinkedIn inquiry about GPS-based products and services.

You can listen to David and Paul Gillin discuss their use of LinkedIn and Facebook in this recent Tech PR War Stories podcast (which always makes for fine listening).

* A VC friend says he's raising his next fund from investors in Europe and the Middle East rather than here in the U.S. "Lots of economic craziness is causing high-risk dollars to stay on the sidelines," he reports. Why EMEA? Because if and when the U.S. dollar ever recovers, EMEA investors will make fat profits purely on the currency, even if our friend's portfolio companies lope along at break-even.

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