SWMS Tech Edit Spotlight: The New York Times

Tech Edit Spotlight: The New York Times
July 2009
It may be under the gun every which way, but who wouldn't want coverage in the New York Times? The NYT wants to be where technology impacts society. That’s the sweet spot. But with more than 1,200 on the edit side, it’s easy to oversimplify. That’s why we delve into the blogs, the weekend Business sections and the multimedia opportunities that await.

SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Stephanie Mehta, technology editor, Fortune

Stephanie Mehta, technology editor
July 2009
Once a Fortune reporter and now its tech news boss, Stephanie Mehta brings terrific balance to her post. Stephanie spent 2006 and 2007 as Fortune's international editor, immersing herself in the global perspective. Now she concentrates on the U.S. tech scene and manages reporters, bloggers and Fortune's fast-growing video operations. You’ll find Stephanie incredibly candid, clear and refreshing in the following interview. She really does want to help.

SWMS Analysis: Why Now for Digital Editions

SWMS Analysis: Why Now for Digital Editions
Monday, July 27, 2009
Gannett next week will offer a digital edition of USAToday that offers exact replicas of the print pages, with the following enhancements:

* embedded videos playable from the newspaper content
* interactive puzzles and games, including Sudoku
* interactive USA Today Snapshot infographics
* a text-to-speech capability that "reads" articles to you


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