SWMS Online Facebook Post: A creative approach to sales

A NYC TV station is producing commercials on spec and then tries selling these commercials to a prospect. It would be like WCBS producing a TV commercial for SWMS and then coming to us after the fact, saying, 'Hey, look what we did... wanna buy it and run it on our station?"
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SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Paul Taylor, Financial Times

Paul Taylor, consumer tech columnist
The Financial Times
May 2009

He may not have the name recognition of a Mossberg or Pogue, but the FT's Paul Taylor has broader global reach. His work comes across as personal but not egomaniacal. He builds his columns around reader mail. So why isn't Paul's name a household one? His work resides behind a pay wall. He also spends time tracking the telecom beat, so his attention is divided and blogs less than his consumer tech edit colleagues. Nonetheless, you'll see in our notes below that Paul Taylor belongs on your A-list.

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Sam Diaz, ZDNet

SWMS Editorial Teleconference Series - Notes and Audio

Sam Diaz, blogger
ZDNet, Between the Lines
May 2009

Guys like Sam Diaz don't come along very often. He's a hard-nosed journalist but approachable and empathetic to PR. He also WORKED in PR as recently as last year, hired by SutherlandGold to teach clients to blog. He shares his "lessons learned" with us below… but more important, he also shares the secrets of getting on his radar at ZDNet. One of three authors of the "Between the Lines" blog, Sam is a generalist who's worth pitching for just about any genuinely newsworthy tech story.

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