Cheat Sheet: IoT Targets

IoT is still very much a phenomenon -- one of those 15-year overnight successes. Strangely, now that the buzz has worn off, much of media manages to ignore this transformational industry segment. Such is the fate of a technology that literally disappears into the woodwork. Here's our list of 11 go-to's.

Inside Protocol Braintrust: A Contributed Content Opp

Protocol has not only hired a boatload of top journalists in its first 18 months, but also has recruited almost 200 contributors whose work appears in a thought leadership vertical called Braintrust. If you represent thought leaders, you'll enjoy this Q&A with Protocol associate editor Kevin McAllister and Protocol president Tammy Wincup.

Q&A with Jay Lauf: How Charter Will Chart the Future of Work

Co-founded by Quartz co-founders Jay Lauf and Kevin Delaney, as well as New York Times veteran Erin Grau, Charter comprises elements of newsletter publishing, organic community and structured member services. Charter is not exactly pitchable, yet comms pros cannot afford to ignore it, for it suggests how all verticals can operate profitably in the 2020s.

More on Tier 1 Audience Data: We're Revising The Figures

Tier 1 traffic is dropping, but not as much as we reported last month. It turns out that Similarweb refined its algorithms late last year, impacting SWMS analysis published Jun. 28. We reported that, of the 15 Tier 1 titles we tracked, only Axios grew its global audience year over year. The correct figures show that Bloomberg and Fortune grew year over year as well.

Cheat Sheet: National Morning Show Producers

Getting on the morning shows requires exciting visuals and perhaps some pathos -- but most of all you'd want to choose the producer with the seniority level most appropriate for the task. That's the nature of our latest SWMS cheat sheet. Happy hunting. 

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