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A Look at 2017, Part 1

Seeing as Bloomberg Businessweek has published its "The Year Ahead" issue, it's probably OK to begin assessing 2017 and what it will bring tech PR pros and the editors they pitch. Today let's keep it simple and consider just one issue -- stunning job losses where print advertising and unions still reign.

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Inside WSJD: the Reinvented Tech Engine of WSJ

When Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher parted ways late last year, the Wall Street Journal had a choice: it could pay lip service to tech edit leadership or spend what it takes to achieve it. As we now know, it did the latter, hiring a legion of reporters and launching an international event series of its own. 

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Profile: Elizabeth Dwoskin, Wall Street Journal

Elizabeth Dwoskin, on the job only four months as big data reporter for the Wall Street Journal, is all about the implications. A former Village Voice reporter and Huffington Post blogger, Elizabeth is not interested in your APIs. She's a common-sense storyteller -- as she was at Bloomberg Businessweek -- always fascinated by technology's impact on business and society. 

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Journalists are leaving media brands every week. Read the fruits of 16 confidential interviews with journalists now working at tech brands or PR agencies, and five interviews with the executives who hired these journalists.

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