Jeffrey O'Brien, Fortune

Jeffrey O'Brien, senior editor
Fortune Magazine
February 2007


"Not a 20-minute conversation with founders, but a commitment." Ideally, he "wanted to get them out of the office." What he got was two full days "just talking about Zillow and real estate entrepreneurs etc.," with a trip to a Seahawks game, family, dinner and drinks included. The corporate PR director "was great … accessible and bright … a sounding board…" and not just for Zillow, but for the real estate market in general.

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Dennis Kneale, Forbes Magazine

Dennis Kneale, Managing Editor
Forbes Magazine
June 2006


Show me the money

Obviously, a $5 magazine won't take all of the credit for making anyone smarter or richer. Dennis does believe, however, that Forbes shows the readers "people who got smarter or richer" and offers "enlightenment." The main intention is to inform the reader about wealth and how to get it.

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