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SWMS Analysis: Three Rising WSJ Video Stars

SWMS Analysis: Three Rising WSJ Video Stars
Monday, August 03, 2009
You know the video work of's Andy Jordan and AllThingsD's Katie Boehret. What about Lauren Goode, Courtney Banks and Marisa Taylor? Ever pitch them a video idea? Considering their ease on camera and the types of products they review, perhaps you should.

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Eric Savitz, Barron's

Eric Savitz, West Coast Editor

Blog:  Tech Trader Daily - 

Here’s yet another example of a traditional media journalist evolving past the usual rules and regulations of news reporting to keep up with the new media world order. Eric’s shoot-from-the-hip blogging style (no editor required) is on one hand surprising and brave, considering Barron’s mission to create market-moving content. On the other hand, Barron’s has little choice, since financial-blogger competitors have sprung up at AOL and several other prominent places – and then there are the former upstarts such as and Marketwatch.

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