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Tech Edit Spotlight: HBR.org

Few edit shops frustrate PR pros more than HBR. With all of those big-name professors and book authors, how the heck do you place contributed content? According to Similarweb, HBR.org gets 9.6 million unique visits per month, lower than Computerworld (11.5M) but higher than CIO (4.5M).

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Tech Edit Spotlight: HBR.org

Does Harvard Business Review's new web site, launched last month, presage equally new paths for contributed content? Sort of. The new HBR emphasizes charts, diagrams, videos and interactive graphics. Can you imagine your ideas conveyed this way? In researching their readership this year, editors rediscovered that readers like to save and store articles for a long time. Will the concept you're pitching be as valuable in a year as it is today?


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SWMS: HBR contributed content, Wired's Cade Metz

 Getting visibility in Harvard Business Review is now a bit easier. HBR.com’s Insight Center is a monthly web-only special report comprising blog posts, tools and other content focused on a corporate management theme. It accompanies related print articles in that month’s HBR magazine. This month’s theme: “knocking down barriers to innovation.” Last month’s: secrets of great teams.

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SWMS Editorial Teleconference - Eric Hellweg, editor, HarvardBusinessReview.org

When you think of C-title tech edit destinations, does Harvard Business Review come to mind? It should. Join us as executive editor Eric Hellweg walks us through the many changes he's overseen at the title since his SWMS appearance last year. It's hard to think of a better site to reach senior executives across so many different industries.


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SWMS Editorial Teleconference: Eric Hellweg, HarvardBusiness.org

Eric Hellweg, editor
June 2009

Beating your brains out trying to get business media coverage? Have you considered HarvardBusiness.org? The Harvard Business School produces some of the best thinking in the world, and since late 2007, so have readers of its web site. The guy who runs the show there is Eric Hellweg, whom you may remember from the original Business 2.0. He'll open your eyes to all the different pitching and participation opportunities for you and your clients. You'll see.

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Journalists are leaving media brands every week. Read the fruits of 16 confidential interviews with journalists now working at tech brands or PR agencies, and five interviews with the executives who hired these journalists.

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