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Publishers are Software Companies

Publishers are software companies. We don't often think of them that way. Increasingly we should,

because where a publisher's software development goes, editorial opportunity follows.
We know you're busy but consider budgeting time to play with the following:

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Andreas Kluth, Economist

Andreas Kluth, technology correspondent
The Economist
November 2006


Welcome to my week

  • "My office is wherever I am. I'm a one-man show. I'm my own tech support, admin, everything." (Add to that a dad and a teacher at Berkeley - so evenings and weekends are usually out for meetings.)
  • The Economist is "officially a newspaper" so "I try to react to news."
  • "My weekly rhythm is determined by the London time zone," which means he wakes up a day behind and his deadlines come a day sooner. It's "kind of a nightmare."
  • Monday morning PST, the day in London is already over, edit decisions are already made, and he has until "literally Tuesday night" to file. This means he's often writing a week ahead.
  • Tight deadlines mean anything he's shown in advance -- something to happen on Wednesday or Thursday -- is automatically put off until the following week. "If you wait till Wednesday or Thursday, I cannot really react."
  • The average workday puts about "300 e-mails, not counting the Viagra spam," into his inbox. "Of those, there are probably ten unbelievably important ones." The others are PR e-mails.
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