The New TechCrunch Design

The new TechCrunch web platform, launched in beta this week, will keep you reading more of what you’ve chosen. And it stands to change how you think of stories and pages. TC's edit direction remains the same — companies, technologies, founders and investors. It’s still about breaking news and smart analysis delivered wryly.

Cheat Sheet: Tech Podcasts

Podcasts continue to matter. Despite podcasts being hard to measure, the rise of smartphones has brought podcast ubiquity with it. Wearables will keep them even closer. So here's our all-new SWMS podcast list for 2018. There's 58 in the updated list. We deleted the defunct ones. Info fresh as of Feb. 26.

TC Currie on Diversity & Inclusion

There’s a lot of talk about diversity and inclusion these days. And a lot of eye-rolling. But there’s something genuinely important going on here. In November I was invited to speak on a panel called Meet the Media: Women in Tech Talk Diversity, Inclusion & Equity put on by PRSA-SF and I thought I’d share some highlights.

Big Data Influencers

-- Updated Feb. 24, 2018 -- Though the term "big data" no longer vibrates with chic, there's still huge upside in cultivating not just the reporters but the analysts, bloggers, authors and public speakers gifted in quantification. Some of these folks are targets; others are thought leaders whom reporters might quote.

SWMS Insights: Managing Client Expectations

-- Updated Feb. 22, 2018 -- The SWMS Guide to Client Expectation Management is designed for tech PR pros who must deal with unrealistic expectations of clients who want high-profile business title coverage -- and want it immediately. 

While most of this advice is 2006 vintage, it is just as applicable today. The verbatims at the bottom are still valuable.

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