Two New IT Titles to Pitch

Those mourning the loss of 11 IT-related FierceMarkets sites this month will cheer news of two new places to pitch. The first is TechTarget's, which launched Jun. 7. Says editor Meredith Courtemanche in an email: "SearchITOperations spun out of SearchDataCenter, with some help from SearchCloudComputing and SearchAWS...

Who Still Runs Infographics?

Which publications still run infographics? A subscriber recently asked us this good question. The answer is, more than you might think. We found 18 publications that ran infogs this month as edit-driven contributed content, across both B2B and B2C. We saw others that ran them, with strings attached.

How Fusion Tests Its Articles on Facebook and How You Can, Too

First there was "A/B testing," where a publisher would float two different headlines on their own site and go with the better one. That's still around, but nowadays it's all about "dark testing" on Facebook. TechCrunch does this, as do Refinery29, Fusion and many other titles that publish directly to the FB platform.

A Vendor Wrote It, or Sponsored It. Here's How to Disclose It

A veteran IT editor wrote to remind us that some publications flag contributed and sponsored content more clearly than others. In this InfoWorld example, the author's identity is not seen until the bottom of the article. By contrast, in this Huffington Post example, readers see that the author works for Apigee before they begin reading.

Why Mattermark Matters

Former TechCrunch reporter Alex Wilhelm loves the challenge of his new job as editor-in-chief of Mattermark. "It's  a combo of my old job -- writing, reporting and publishing, plus a new layer of [managerial] skills I've had to learn." Alex is on the hunt for smart contributed content -- that isn't ghost-written.

The Death of the EIC

By David Strom, SWMS contributor ---

We have come to the end of an era. It is time to retire a professional title that played a significant role in my own life, that of the Editor-in-Chief, or EIC. It now has little significance for those in online publishing, perhaps because the entire editorial department has collapsed into a single individual.

New Platform: HuffPost Contributors

We've learned more about Huffington Post's forthcoming, self-service approach to contributed content. Now in beta, it's called HuffPost Contributors. It seems to have two purposes. One, it relieves all HuffPo editors from having to evaluate unsolicited third-party content. And two, it consolidates all contributions in a single platform housed apart from HuffPo proper.


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