Small Business (SMB)

Small business makes up most of US business. Yet there's such a small amount of media specifically dedicated to it. That's why knowing who the specialists are is so important. Here's a living document on who's who and how to reach them. No fancy formatting: send us what you know and we'll build a shared doc together.

Behind the InformationWeek Layoffs: The Rise of Interop ITX

Last month's layoffs at InformationWeek (UBM) and eWeek (Quinstreet) saddened PR with good reason. Who still writes 500-word articles about tech vendors -- the ones clients expect? Says UBM EVP Kelley Damore: "That's not the model we're in anymore. It has always been the written word, but now there's so much content out there... we need to rethink this."

Christina Farr on PR Technique

Fast Company senior writer Christina Farr teed off on PR last week. Stated her Nov. 23 Tweet: "PR needs to innovate in 2017: Press releases, embargoes, mail-merge all need to be a thing of the past. Not how journalists work anymore." Considering that Christina once worked in PR herself (Eastwick), her complaints carry extra weight.

Match the First Tweets to the Influencers Who Tweeted Them

Ever look up your first Tweet, or anyone else's for that matter? Examine enough of them and you'll see patterns. Most say what the person is doing or where they're going. Just for fun we looked up First Tweets from 30 tech media influencers. Here are eight of them. Your mission: match the First Tweet with the influencer who Tweeted them.

Profile: Kevin McLaughlin, The Information

Why aren't more PR pros pitching Kevin McLaughlin, The Information's AI reporter? "Some have reached out," Kevin says. "But I haven't been contacted by too many, which is interesting compared to my old job at CRN, where I had a lot of people contacting me every day."

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Profile: Project Syndicate

Looking to contribute content to the world? Project Syndicate might be a place to do it. Founded in the early 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union, non-profit Project Syndicate is a web site that houses commentaries on economic, business and political issues of our time. Its tag line: "The World's Opinion Page."

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