Profile: Jack Clark, Bloomberg News

Anyone who ever wrote for The Register comes equipped with a sharp tongue. Jack Clark certainly does. Bloomberg's cloud and distributed systems reporter can always be counted on for Tweets like... 

"The ambulance-chasing PR industry begins another day, shoveling slime into a vast, clanking machine that spews PR at "influencers"

Alas, Bloomberg is Bloomberg and it's PR's job to find a way in. The first thing to realize is, though he would deny it, Jack loves the attention.

CES 2015: For PR It's Already Showtime

CES is 69 days away, but not for you. Today is the last day you can submit your client for TechCrunch's Hardware Battlefield competition. Nominations for Engadget's Best of CES Awards begin Saturday. Publications are deep into planning their "what to expect at CES 2015" stories; some have already run. As usual we can expect the usual smartphones and earbuds and TVs the size of Kansas.

The Universal Newsroom, Powered by Twitter

Here at SWMS we spend a lot of our weekdays lurking on Twitter, watching the journo chatter unfold. If you really care about understanding the targets you're pitching, perhaps you do too. You can glean a lot about your target's personalities -- and the kind of e-mail and phone temperament that would work or not work -- by being ready to watch them act out, 140 characters at a time.

Good Luck Finding Native Ad Content with Search Engines

If you were buying native advertising from a media brand, you'd want that brand to make the native ad content as visible as possible, right? That's why we were surprised to discover this week that many leading media brands don't always ensure that their native ads show up in their own search results.

Inside WSJ's C-Suite Special Reports

If you've been looking for a backdoor to "thought leadership" coverage in the Wall Street Journal, here's a good one for you -- the C-Suite special report series. The latest one ran this this week in print and online; the next one is due Feb. 23. The good news is, the focus is as wide as the Kansas plains; you could pitch damn near any executive profile and have a shot.

Analysis: Now Dawns the Era of F2F Events

All PR pros value coverage. How many value face-to-face events? Too few, considering how important they've become. Most publications find more profits in events than in web advertising. Organizations of all sorts can elevate themselves as thought leaders by successfully recruiting well-known, compelling speakers. Social media has enabled fans of an event to promote it to the like-minded.

Backchannel and the Rise of Agenda-Setter Publications

Clickbait and native advertising may be remembered as 2014's big themes, but a third one -- the emergence of "agenda setter" publications -- will affect PR the most. The latest agenda setter is Backchannel, the "lithe, nimble center for meaningful, fun tech writing" launched this week and edited by former Wired and Newsweek scribe Steven Levy.

Tech Edit Spotlight: Tom's Hardware and Tom's IT Pro

Longtime PR pros may think of Fritz Nelson as a veteran of Network Computing and InformationWeek -- and if they've been paying really close attention, as a freelancer for PandoDaily. Time marches on, and Fritz is actually into year two as EIC of Tom's Hardware and Tom's IT Pro -- sites that typically don't spring to mind, but ought to.

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