Profile: Michal Lev-Ram, Fortune

It's been years since Fortune senior writer Michal Lev-Ram was paid to walk trade show floors, head back to the hotel room and click the keys. She still writes and remains pitchable. But it's best to think of modern Michal as a businesswoman and a brand unto herself. She's fresh off co-chairing last month's Fortune Most Powerful Women, Next Gen conference; there will be another this year and she's recruiting speakers for it. 

News Corp.'s Storyful: A Toolbox for Social Storytelling

What brand springs to mind when you think of News Corporation? Fox News? Wall Street Journal? One day that brand may be Storyful. Purchased by News Corp. in December 2013 for $25 million, Storyful helps media brands -- and for that matter all brands -- discover, verify and acquire the rights to social media content.

Profile: Steve Lohr, NY Times

"Snarkless" may not be a word, but the term sums up New York Times enterprise tech reporter Steve Lohr. Steve has never framed a story unfairly, which may explain why so many of our subscribers ask how they can get on his good side. The quick-and-dirty answer: recruit an academic who can explain your client's value as well as you can.

Profile: Dan Frommer, Quartz

Few publications are hotter these days than Quartz. According to AdAge, Quartz now attracts more unique monthly U.S. visitors than Fortune. It just lured finance reporter Shelly Banjo from the WSJ; openings remain for a data journalist and for video and op-ed chiefs. On board since July, Quartz tech editor Dan Frommer fits right in because he too is something of a data journalist.

UBM Folds Three Titles, Reorganizes InformationWeek

UBM yesterday reorganized InformationWeek and in the process laid off VP & EIC Rob Preston and EIC Laurianne McLaughlin. Also departing: editors Kristin Burnham, Shane O'Neill, Alison Diana and David F. Carr, as well as Lorna Garey and Heather Vallis from InformationWeek Reports. Retained were editor Chris Murphy, executive editor Doug Henschen and editors-at-large Charlie Babcock and Tom Claburn.

Media's New Games: Attention, Engagement

In simpler times, consumer titles, business titles, trades and verticals comprised the entirety of media. Editors and publishers researched their audience and served it. Today a subtler framework is emerging that over time will change how PR shapes pitches and woos influencers. Successful publishers today produce either attention products or engagement products -- or both in tandem.

Profile: Cade Metz, Wired

This will be a big year for Wired. It's redesigning its web site. It's consolidating Wired Enterprise and Wired Business into a single comprehensive section. Its new boss? Same as the old boss -- senior editor Cade Metz. As Conde Nast reevaluates everything about Wired in advance of the redesign, Cade has been doing some reevaluating of his own. And what he says might surprise you.

Four Formulas for Effective Contributed Content

Publishers these days want contributed voices, not just contributed content. In its online application form, the IDG Contributor Network "asks how many posts would you like to commit to at this time?" Inc. now gives its contributors access to its content management system so they can post as many times as they wish. Forbes pays contributors X for every one-time monthly visitor to their page but 20X if that reader returns to read that contributor's other posts.

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Watch for TouchCast

Former TechCrunch co-editor Erick Schonfeld is the executive producer of IDG's DEMO conference, but he also happens to be the co-founder of TouchCast, a fast-rising interactive video platform company. TouchCast lets video producers embed clickable elements -- such as a photo, a web page or even another video -- within the video frame itself. Think of it as picture-within-picture web video.

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