CBS Small Business Pulse

SMB edit got a boost this month with the launch of a site produced by an unlikely source -- CBS. Called CBS Small Business Pulse or Pulse for short, the site is a roll-up of SMB-related content produced by CBS Local, a division of CBS Radio. Also contributing content are CBS News, CBS Interactive (CNET, ZDNet, TechRepublic) and CBS-owned Simon & Schuster.

Profile: Cara Rose DeFabio, Fusion

Get ready for a face-to-face event series better than any you've ever seen -- even if you've been to TED. It's called "The Real Future of..." (alternatively, the "Real Future Fair") and it's produced by Fusion experience designer Cara Rose DeFabio and the Fusion reportorial team. Fusion calls it "live journalism." To us it seems more like loosely-scripted exploratory theatre.

Profile: Ellen Cushing, BuzzFeed

Ellen Cushing has what you might call a cool job. Only three months after becoming an articles editor at BuzzFeed, she spent five days on a bus touring the American Southwest with teenage Vine and YouTube stars. Her 7,873-word chronicle is exactly the kind of piece most readers would associate with The Atlantic or Rolling Stone but never with a perceived candy dispenser like BuzzFeed.

Profile: Paul Alcorn, Tom's Hardware and Tom's IT Pro

Paul Alcorn is an old-school product guy, the kind you may think doesn't exist anymore. A former Boeing modification mechanic who once helped turn 747 passenger planes into freighters, Paul now cranks news stories and product reviews as contributing enterprise storage editor for Tom's Hardware and Tom's IT Pro. 

Getting Coverage for Your Clients' Surveys

What's tougher than pitching survey results commissioned by a vendor? Nothing. Nothing is tougher. Journalists often clamor for data but bristle when you pitch it to them. Frustrating, isn't it? That's why this week we asked 14 journalists -- some now working as analysts or content marketers -- why they'd cover a vendor-sponsored survey and why they wouldn't.



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