Important Changes at WSJ

Change has again come to the Wall Street Journal. Global technology editor Jonathan Krim resigned this week. Former Seattle Times and Businessweek reporter Jay Greene came aboard. Meanwhile, the News Corp. division that operates the WSJ and Dow Jones announced an eight percent year-to-year revenue drop.

Where are the Engaged Readers? SimilarWeb Stats Can Tell You

Perhaps the most respected tech publication in the industry has the highest bounce rate, the smallest number of page views per visit and the lowest time on site among all major rivals. Which is it? SimilarWeb can tell you, for free. Founded seven years ago this month, SimilarWeb data can reveal dozens of criteria that can help shape your pitch strategies.

Profile: Jordan Novet, VentureBeat

If VentureBeat staff writer Jordan Novet says he'll get back to you, don't be surprised if on the odd chance he doesn't. Don't misunderstand: Jordan has integrity and means what he says. But look what happened in just two days this week: the IRS suffered computer failure; LinkedIn, Cisco and Microsoft acquired companies; and Box and Salesforce announced new products.

Mic: Ignore at Own Risk

Mic now reaches 30 million readers each month. It just recruited Ruth Reader from VentureBeat to cover "innovative technology and the people behind it." That sounds promising. But Mic's relentless focus on big ideas -- sublime and ridiculous -- is likely to frustrate PR for a while yet.

Profile: Stephen J. Bronner, Entrepreneur

Officially speaking, Stephen J. Bronner is now a deputy editor at Entrepreneur, supervising seven staff writers. "It's always fantastic when you're able to do a new job with the same people you've become accustomed to over the years," he says. We say "officially" because Stephen isn't straying far from the contributed content gatekeeper role he filled for the past two years.

Alex Wilhelm, Mattermark EIC

Alex Wilhelm left TechCrunch last month to become EIC at Mattermark, a 45-person, SF-based data mining shop. Says Alex: "You can be independent, build out your own editorial team, we have all this data, you can guide your own ship and that's an attractive proposition." 

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Health and Healthcare 2016: Themes and Narratives

Last Spring when SWMS profiled financial services media, we saw journalists covering a vast bureaucracy coping with the impact of digital, while contending with government regulation. In 2016, the healthcare vertical is shaping up the same way. Broadcast and lifestyle titles focus on educating consumers with lots of digital trend-spotting.

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