VentureBeat's Shopping List

Expect big improvements at VentureBeat in the wake of a $2.6 million funding round announced last week. Newly bankrolled: a VP-level hire to oversee VentureBeat events and another senior hire to build out VentureBeat Insight, the paid content operation briefly named "VB Intel" until a certain chip maker objected.

The Rise of CrunchBase

It may not be pitchable and it may not be new, but few sources of industry influence are rising faster than CrunchBase. "From a PR perspective, the real story is not what we're publishing on our blog, it's the use of CrunchBase as the de facto startup database," says CrunchBase CEO Matt Kaufman, who supervises a staff of 25 just three floors up from TechCrunch HQ on Townsend St. in San Francisco.

Targets: Cybersecurity Reporters

There's a big difference between security reporters and cybersecurity reporters. The latter are politically and militarily connected and compete with world-famous consultants. Here's our take on the top 12 cybersecurity influencers (hat tip to Little Bird for the research assist).

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