Tech Edit Spotlight, Part 2: Financial Services

Few other business segments face change as do banking, finance, securities and insurance (or BFSI, as it is known). The media that follows it is changing, too. Tax and stock advice will be with us forever. But a growing number of financial titles read more like TechCrunch every day. They need to, because new technology is changing -- and in some cases threatening -- business fundamentals across BFSI segments. 

Writing Tips from Entrepreneur's Stephen J. Bronner

Entrepreneur contributors editor Stephen J. Bronner last week sent us his cheat sheet titled "How to keep editors happy." It's required reading for any PR pro seeking to land a contributed post -- there or anywhere. As you'll see, it's designed to make Stephen's editing job easier -- but sheds practically no light on the topics Entrepreneur cares about most.

Profile: Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet/Computerworld

If you're a PR pro under 30, know that Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols was writing about technology before you were born. That doesn't make Steven unpitchable -- but it does make him impervious to clerk-y PR razzle-dazzle. We'll spare you the full measure of his PR laments, except that "it's kind of frightening" to him that "even the big PR firms... throw the "recent [college] graduates" into the deep end, pitching stories they don't fully understand.


Tech Edit Spotlight Pt. 1: Financial Services

Clouds, smartphones and wearables have transformed the world of financial services. Banks and brokerages battle crowdfunded lenders and robo advisors, using M&A, partnerships, FUD and every other weapon available. “Financial services companies are at the center of the tension between productivity and innovation and security and compliance,” Box CEO Aaron Levie told TechCrunch's Ron Miller.

Profile: Christina Bonnington, Refinery29

"OMG, I'm a millennial," Tweeted Christina Bonnington this week, when she couldn't remember what a "keyboard typing machine" was called. The former Wired Gadget Lab writer, now the newly hired technology editor for Refinery29, doesn't really need to remember the word "typewriter" anyway. She's got an important new job these days, focusing on cool, useful technology that will fascinate Refinery29's 22 million monthly readers.

IT Contributed Content Opp: RTInsights

Yet another venue has arrived for IT contributed content. It's called RTInsights and was founded by Les Yeamans, the software executive who founded eBizQ in 1998 and sold it 12 years later to TechTarget. His new project, RTInsights, rounds up the usual suspects -- analytics, big data, cloud -- but focuses on real-time technologies surrounding IoT, event processing, decision management and related fields. 

Notes from the Field: Apr. 2015

We spent this week on the road and will spend three weeks on it next month, meeting with subscribers to tackle their toughest coverage challenges. Today we share some of the challenges we discussed this week in the suburbs of Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Washington DC -- along with our advice on how to deliver the goods. [To protect confidentiality, no agency or client names are mentioned.]

But before we get to that...


TechBeacon: HP's New Contributed Content Site

Prepare to submit your B2B contributed content to TechBeacon, a new platform designed to guide ambitious IT pros and line-of-business technologists. A placeholder site is live today; a soft-launch is due Apr. 15. Areas of focus: agile, big data, cloud, devops, mobile, performance, security, software quality and startups. Paying the bills for this site is HP, which promises to give TechBeacon full independence.

Our Refreshed Contributed Content Gatekeeper Cheat Sheet

Why is contributed content now so important? Too few smart reporters, right? It's more than that. Most enterprise tech news is either sportswriting (who's winning or losing and why) or learning about things you can buy in a distant budget cycle. It's not like IT pros can just go out and buy an in-memory data cacheing tool the way they can buy a sleep tracker.

Profile: Evelyn Rusli, WSJ

(Editor's note: Moments after we posted this profile, Evelyn announced her next move...) Evelyn Rusli is the kind of reporter even senior PR pros will admire from afar. Imagine being on camera at Fox News and TechCrunch and working for Forbes, twice for the New York Times and now for the Wall Street Journal -- all before you're 30. Before any of this, college-age, freelancer Evelyn, home for the holidays, helped the NYT cover a 9.1 magnitude earthquake -- yes, a 9.1 -- in her native Indonesia.

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Pitching Security Stories: Mission Impossible?

Never before have we seen PR pros struggle so mightily to land security coverage in business publications. Considering that businesses will spend $76 billion on cybersecurity in 2015 and $155 billion by 2019 (say Cybersecurity Ventures and Gartner), you'd think business editors might care to address where that money might be spent. Yet they don't. "I think there are lots of reasons why, not the least of which is that security journalists have become crime reporters," says a veteran security PR pro, who asked to remain anonymous. 

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