SWMS Spotlight: Fast Company

Since its launch in 1995, Fast Company always got it right. Not once has it reinvented itself. Sweeping layoffs? Never. Revolving door at the top? Nope. The publication has had only four EICs. The incumbent, Bob Safian, has reigned nine years amid breathtaking changes in publishing and technology.

Two Pairs of Top Editors Launch Content Marketing Shops

Michael V. Copeland and Jeffrey Davis, from the late Business 2.0, last month launched Story Made Good to create "powerful stories about the future of technology and humanity." On the B2B side, former Computerworld EICs Bill Laberis and Paul Gillin have launched IT Content Experts, focused on generating B2B tech content that drives sales.


Hemingway: A Cool Writing Tool

Good writing isn't always "good." Using a writing-clarity app called Hemingway, SWMS this week analyzed 15 recent articles from authors in a dozen publications. The tool's chief bias: shorter sentences are better. Another: passive voice is used only by poor writers. Oh, and adverbs suck.

Quentin Hardy Today

New York Times deputy technology editor Quentin Hardy appears tomorrow night at a sold-out PRSA event in Silicon Valley. Billed as an "enterprise tech" journalist, Quentin does cover AI, and a bit of cloud. Truth is, Quentin hasn't sourced his own material all that much lately; instead he opines on other NYT reporters' material as part of the NYT's Daily Report.

Skyword's Biggest Story Yet

It's showtime for Skyword. Founded in 2010 and facing fierce competition, the Boston-based content marketer has gone all-in with new partner Robert McKee, a world-famous, 75-year-old storytelling expert whose students have gone on to win 60 Oscars and 200 Emmys.

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