Gigaom Research Rides Again

Gigaom Research is back. Veteran Gigaom analysts are returning. New ones are being hired. Here's why you care. The old Gigaom Research was seen primarily as a publishing operation, employing more than 200 freelance writers and analysts. But Gigaom Research also built dozens of consultative relationships. It's this model that has re-emerged.

Profile: Alex Konrad, Forbes

Two weeks ago we wrote that narratives were growing scarcer. Today, with the help of Forbes staff writer Alex Konrad, we explore a running narrative that spanned not one, not two, but three separate articles during 2015. Our conversation with Alex (which we recorded for you) reminded us that a relationship between a reporter and subject can span several months and produce multiple articles -- if the chemistry is right.

Two New Jobs for Derrick Harris

This has been a big and busy week for Derrick Harris. The attorney and Thai boxer -- also known as tech media's most authoritative big data reporter -- has new roles as "content lead" for the Structure Conference series, which re-emerges in November, and as a senior writer for Fortune covering big data, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

Inside 'The Kernel'

Few tech blogs also publish a weekly e-magazine. The Daily Dot does. It's called The Kernel, and it's well worth reading and pitching. "I don't get a lot of pitches for this, I think because we don't necessarily do a ton of stuff that PR professionals consider easy to pitch," says Kernel editor Jesse Hicks.

TechCrunch TV is 'Bullish'

TechCrunch wants your pitches for Bullish, its new weekly TV talk show. Do you dare place your client? It's a tempting prize. The show is featured atop TechCrunch's home page for four hours each Wednesday. TC's social media team heavily promotes the show. Bullish is a great opportunity... said the spider to the fly.

Profile: Taylor Hatmaker, The Daily Dot

Taylor Hatmaker isn't just The Daily Dot's tech editor, or just another ReadWrite alumnus that landed somewhere else. She's emblematic of so many post-PR player-coaches we see today in the "millennial" publications (and before we know it, everywhere else). She can report, write and edit, with a refined sense of audience and keen differentiation from competitors.

Where Are All the Narratives?

Is the tech narrative endangered? Lately we've cased the web for the kinds of stories we used to see everywhere -- the 600-to-800 word news story about a tech company claiming to have built something better, cheaper or faster, or otherwise out to change the world. We found far fewer than we expected, even where they once were abundant.

TechBeacon Wants Your Copy!

You're constantly asking us where you can place your contributed content orphans -- in "Tier 1," of course. Unfortunately, there's little room at the Tier 1 Inn, for reasons we'll revisit another time. In cases like this, remember TechBeacon. We wrote about it April. Have you seen it? You know David Linthicum, yes? Stephanie Overby?


TechTarget Editors Steer by Data

Why do TechTarget editors do what they do? Historically, their innate expertise tells them what to write and why. Today's TechTarget doesn't operate that way -- and PR had better understand the changes. TechTarget now employs content and traffic strategists who study what TT readers have read previously on TechTarget sites, what they've searched for, and what they shared in social media.

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Our IoT Coverage Playbook

Let's say your client sells unified communications, or point-of-sale equipment, and wants you to make them thought leaders in "the Internet of Things." Is there a noisier market segment than IoT? No. But the client's expectations are fair. To build IoT thought leadership today, we suggest that client and agency study the seven concentrations of current IoT edit coverage and grasp the trends within each. 

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