New Paid Content from Jason Calacanis, Hilary Mason

We've spotted two new paid content operations, one affordable, one not. The LAUNCH Ticker is Jason Calacanis's twice-daily round-up (in email and in-app) of all the tech news that matters (to him), with a bias toward VC/start-up news. On the other end of your budget, only $35,000 will get you an annual subscription to Hilary Mason's research content at Fast Forward Labs.

VentureBeat's Latest Passion: Marketing Automation

If you've got marketing automation clients and you're tired of pitching the same old jaded reporters, don't forget about VentureBeat. In recent weeks VB has committed big-time to marketing tech in the form of paid content (VB Insight), live events (GrowthBeat) and a new full-time marketing automation reporter, Barry Levine.

IDG Debuts "Agenda 15" Event

If you're 45 or older you probably remember Agenda, the multi-day symposium hosted by then-InfoWorld EIC (and now successful VC) Stewart Alsop. After a years-long hiatus, Agenda has re-emerged as an "all-new business leadership conference focused on transforming business for the digital world," produced by IDG Enterprise.

Coverage Analysis: NYT's Quentin Hardy

In what will become a regular SWMS feature, we deconstruct recent work from a top-tier tech journalist with an eye toward how you can break through. This time it's New York Times deputy tech editor Quentin Hardy, who actually does write about products and partnerships.

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New IT Site: Aberdeen's TechPro Essentials

Aberdeen Group has launched a site that blends tech trend analysis and contributed "thought leadership" content with promotion of Aberdeen's own research. TechPro Essentials is edited by Jim Rapoza, former stalwart at eWeek Labs and a well-known figure to veteran tech PR pros.

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